Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions which are referred to in the website are deemed are applicable to transfer all the goods and services. Once you are entering and clicking to the www.ajnamedia.in you are accepting to it all the Terms and Conditions which ensures you to accept it.

Being a client you are acceptable to all the terms and conditions which are prepared as under are written by Ajna Media & Entertainment and are as follows:

1. The terms and conditions shall apply in respect of all services and goods which we supply to our customers and clients whether specified it is specified and otherwise overleaf. Except to the extent that these terms and conditions are diverse by mutual consent they together with the brief and quotation overleaf shall constitute the entire agreement between our client and you who shall prevail over your own terms and conditions. You agree with the terms and conditions provides by us if you are entering this agreement, you shall not rely on any representation or understanding, whether oral or in writing.

2. Delivery

The Service which we provide to you will be delivered to you in agreement with the brief which would be agreed at the outset of the project either through written proposals or through the concept meetings between you and team.
We will issue only one master copy of our final output which would be completed and delivered to you after the full delivery of the payment. Any further copy will apply an additional charge and a separate quotation of those additional copies will be charged.
Estimated time for the delivery of the services is estimates time and only shall not be of the essence.

3. Our Cancellation Policy, Safety Measures and Insurance

Dates for the production or shoot are agreed and confirmed by you before a specific period of time, where those dates are canceled with certain reasons by your side or from our side the cancellation policy under the token money will be as follows which termed as:
• If the Production or Shoot dates canceled by our team members then the designated amount of the token money which have been provided by you will be fully refunded.
• If the Production or Shoot dates canceled by client-side after a specific period of time then the amount of the token money will not be refunded. (The reason is we booked our team for your production or shoot dates with your accordance and those dates have been booked by us only for you and we haven’t taken any further assignment for that specific date.)

4. Acceptance and Charges

We only confirm the date for your production or shoot which are available by us, once you’re done with your dates and concept meetings, we precede us to bond with acceptance the token money by your side.
The amount of money for your project will be divided and accept in three-time payment policy which are provided by your side.
• 50% Accepted as Token Money
• 40% After the final day of the Production
• 10% After the Delivery of the Date

5. Assignment

We reserve with our rights to sub-contract and assign of all the obligations and rights which are under these terms and conditions without your further consent to any agreement or sub-contract.

6. Severance

If any provision under these terms and conditions is held by Jurisdiction or Court to be illegal, or unenforceable of the parties which shall agree to amend the relevant provisions as shall be necessary to ensure the remaining provisions and application of the contract shall remain the effect and full force.

7. Warranties and Liability

• We warrant that we will use all due skill and care in providing you with the service from Ajna Media & Entertainment. Other than as specifically provided for in these terms and conditions with no warranty, guarantee or other term relating to the provision of the service whether indirect by common law, statute, or otherwise is given, however where we supply goods to you is a part of our service which assigns you the benefit of any warranty, indemnity or guarantee given to us by the persons supplying the goods to us.

• We shall have no liability to you for any loss, costs, expenses or claims for compensation and damage arising from any materials which are supplied to you which are incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect, or arising from their late or non- arrival or any other fault of yours.
• Any claim that you may have against us must be notified to our team in writing within one month of the claim arising.

8. Our Copyright Policy

• We activate a fair approach to copyright. All copyright robed in the media produced by us which shall be assigned to you subject to the following:
• Payment in full is received from you for all your outstanding invoices
• You grant us a royalty-free license to use all copyright in the media produced by us for our own promotional purposes such as on our website or otherwise.
• All design concepts such as themes, plans, models and logos together with all copyright in any music shall remain vested in us and shall be made available to you.

9. Expenses

All reasonable expenses incurred by us in providing the service shall be at your cost which includes the traveling and accommodation of our team, in Delhi or Delhi NCR with all your possible expenses which will be pre-arranged by the client.

10. Applicable Law

The law which under as shall be Governed as by Indian Law and comes under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.