Ajna Media & Entertainment is prestigious organization created by some of seasoned photographer of our country.In the trails of our short journey we have created friends in our contented customers which make us what we are today…..
We Ajna Media and Entertainment try to capture and discover the prestigious moments of your life which will cherish the joy of love for you and your loved ones. Personified with the skills  of Cinematography, Photography, Event Holding, Political Campaigns, Wedding Stories and  widest range, and we  will  love it to be  reflected though our lenses. Ajna Media and Team has grown as a Dynamic and great experience lovers with the enthusiast and free spirit team members.
Team of inspiring and talented Cinematographers, Editors, and Photographers with new ideas will make every event of your life memorable and never experienced.  Having experience of working with Epic Channel, Fashion Events, Sports league, Digital election Campaigns for several parties, etc.  Will deliver the positive output for you. Apart from the technical team we have our non- technical team who analyzes your requirement, and we portray it in a best frame.

What we do

Our top-notch photographer‘s click unforgettable juncture of your life with the lens of our contempt professional cameras. We photograph all your events whether it’s a wedding ceremony, a sports event, a political campaign, or a product shoot, we capture all the event‘s. We make sure to deliver the best in industry and your event will comes purposefully.

What we believe in

We Believe to generate sharped and decisive work. We pay attention to your thoughts and emotion while shooting and also dedicate ourselves to photography….



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Interested in our work? Lets take it to another level, contact us now and we will create your memories everlasting. 


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